King's Code by Kyle Trouble

King's Code

Discover an understanding the dating world, the problems men face, how to be more confidence, and build Your Dream Life...
Most men aren't happy with their dating lives.

...are you?

If you feel like you've never fully understood the dating scene, it's simple. Most of the things you've been told in your life regarding relationships are WRONG. It's like failing a test because your teacher assigned the wrong textbook when class began.

You can use this newfound knowledge to turn your life around.

Never again will you stay with a girl because you feel you can’t do better.

Say goodbye to depression after break-ups because you got dumped.

Harems used to be reserved for kings and rock stars. Now, you can be the king.

King's Code will teach you:

* The issues currently plaguing modern Western culture dating, and how to overcome them

* The power of CHOICE when it comes to women; if you're tired of feeling like they're settling for you--CHANGE IT

* How to group girls into tiers and keep multiple relationships prospering

* Where to find the girls open to being in a harem

* How to live a balanced life by building a passive dating system

* Proper techniques to give girls the dominant sex they crave

* How to “Have The Talk” and “Define The Relationship”—usually words that men dread hearing.

...and much, much more!

What's included?

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