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Reform a Flake
How to Escalate for Fast Sex
Make HER Jump
Walking Away Gets Them Running Back
Going Silent
Some Battles You Cannot Win
They ALL Want to Be Bad
The "I Didn't Rape You" Texts
Keep It Simple
The Meet Up
Sometimes You Have to Say More
No Plan Needed
When She Tries to Change the Date Venue
The Mega Test
If She Opens You...Don't Overgame
Banter, Banter, Banter...
Foreign Girls
Foreign Girls
Holiday Edition
The Best Way to Screen a Girl Is...
How to Treat Your Friends With Benefits
Why Having More Photos Is Hurting You
If You're Already High Value...
Interactions from the FSU
You. Are. The. Prize.
The Pre-Flake Text
Sometimes Their Tests Make No Sense
Give Her A Nickname
If Sex Is On The Table, Keep Cool
The Emoji Question Game