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Some of the Highlights of Membership in February 2020

* Dealing with irrationality in a woman - how, and when, to go against your woman’s wishes, and why it’s sometimes in your best interests to do what she says (contrary to what yours Troubly usually says)

* An in-depth guide to foreign real estate, including a very deep insight into my own purchases from last fall, and things you MUST be wary of if you ever want to buy property in a country that’s not your own

* Some insight into my newest, latest, and greatest project, which is something actually completely specific to Ukraine, and is combining both local and online business.

* An in-depth datasheet to Chisinau, Moldova - written by “AA” member Sam, who spent a significant amount of time in Moldova at the end of 2019. You’ll learn about the girls, the culture, and more about a country that’s one of the last frontiers of Eastern Europe

* How to quit your job, move abroad, and what I would and wouldn’t do if I had to do it over again (this is from a series of questions I received from a member)

* And lots, lots more (scroll down the  page for all bonuses)

Summer 2019:

There I was, walking the beautiful stone streets of a quaint little seaside town, in Zadar.

I heard a "Quack!" behind me...

I turned around, expecting to see a mama duck and her flock of ducklings waddling across the road.

But it wasn't a mama duck. It was a pod of American, I mean girls...

The only similarities to ducks that these girls had was the fact that they were indeed ​waddling.​

It was in this moment, hand-in-hand with my girl (who hails from Kiev, Ukraine), that I realized how fortunate I was to have been able to leave the American dating scene behind. How fortunate I am to have built a life in a foreign country, free of the duckly terror...​​
But, those girls inspired me, because there are very few men on the planet who deserve to be subjected to that nonsense.
They inspired me to create "Actually Abroad".
​​Simply put, in many cases, dating American women simply isn't worth it.

This is true for men of all ages. Young guys are more likely to find fun, thin, sexy, and yet feminine girls abroad. And older guys are much, much more likely to find girls who are wife-worthy than in the States.
If you are struggling with your dating life in America...
  • Not because you aren't attractive...
  • Or because you're shy and awkward or girls...
  • Because you're not successful...
There's a good chance you are attractive.

Are just fine with girls.

And are successful...

...and yet...your dating dating options are just so lacking, the women's expectations out of control (they all "deserve" to have an A-List Hollywood star, after all!), that you find yourself throwing up your hands and saying...
"Enough. Is. Enough."

The Community

There is simply nothing easy about moving to a foreign country.

Nothing easy about building a business so you can fund your life abroad.

Nothing easy about getting into a relationship with a foreign girl, where cultural and language differences are so prevalent.

Nothing easy about handling all the visas, paperwork, and general BS that comes with staying in a country on any type of more permanent basis (i.e. more than 90 days or so).

None of it is easy!
​​It is a very, very sad state of affairs when normal guys can't get a normal girl. Unfortunately, that is the reality that is entrenched in the dating culture in the States. It "should" be the stable computer engineer or accountant that can get a high-quality girl, and have a family with her. Unfortunately, it rarely works out that way.
"Actually Abroad" focuses on getting deserving men a second lease on life.
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"Kyle has an inspirational story and does a great job of providing solid, realistic information for young men traveling, working, and dating overseas without any cheesy PUA game bullsh*t.”
“Dating is hard enough as it is, let alone dating in a foreign country. Kyle has a lot of travel (and dating) experience he shares on this show. You’ll definitely find it useful for your next trip.”
Seth Rose
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What's Included?

1. The WhatsApp Group: Share your knowledge and gain even more with the members of the "AA" WhatsApp group channel. Plus, send me a message to get help with anything, and I'll get back to you in 24 hours (usually less). Considering I charge $200/hour for consulting, this is a steal of a deal...

2. Premium, user-driven content. I've run monthly content subscriptions before, and I've learned this - they are hard to do. The great news is that in the WhatsApp group, you can direct message me your very specific problems, and I can create content around them - and of course, you can stay anonymous.

3. The details people don't want to share publicly. Once word gets out on something good, people like to keep it quiet. An example of this is that I refuse to share my gym in Kiev, Ukraine with anyone staying less than 3 months - because the last one got overrun and overpriced with foreigners! The goal is to share valuable intelligence that isn't fit for something as public as a forum.
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Gimme the TL;DR

"Actually Abroad" is a high-level "mastermind" group full of men looking to get abroad to foreign countries - whether it be to see the world, break out of the 9-5, or find a woman to marry.

Is this a "Dating" or "Business" program?

Both, because let's face it, the reason we build online businesses is to get girls. You'll find a bit of everything inside.

Is my monthly membership amount set in stone?

The price you join is your lifetime price. If you choose to leave the Actually Abroad brotherhood, you will have to pay the current price if you wish to rejoin.

What's the refund and cancellation policy?

There are no refunds on subscriptions once a payment has been processed. 

But, you may cancel at any time with no questions asked. Upon cancellation, your access will be removed and you will not be charged again.

Simply email [email protected] or drop me a message on WhatsApp.

About Kyle Trouble

A former computer engineer who left the 9-5 in LA at 24 years old and moved to Eastern Europe.

Kyle blogs about dating, life abroad, and building successful and scalable streams of income. His goal with "Actually Abroad" is to help men achieve their goals overseas.

About Kyle Trouble

A former computer engineer who left the 9-5 in LA at 24 years old and moved to Eastern Europe.

Kyle blogs about dating, life abroad, and building successful and scalable streams of income. His goal with "Actually Abroad" is to help men achieve their goals overseas.